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Many Great Kingdoms History Related to Nagaur

District Of Rajasthan

Nagaur History shown itself as a royal place of many grateful kingdoms stories places and there are many historical places like Forts, Temples and Mosques which implied itself a prideful place for their people.


There are two biggest fort in Nagaur District one is Ahhichatragarh Fort and another one is Kuchaman fort and Ahhichatragarh fort. Ahhichatragarh Fort is also known as Nagaur Fort and its spotted  at center of Nagaur city. Nagaur also witnessed the valour of Great Rao Amar Singh Rathor who challenged the mighty Mughal empire.


The large Nagaur Fort has many glorious tales of bravery of the erstwhile rulers of the states. Nagaur fort has been built according to Vaastusastra. It has double walls and is surrounded by a deep surge. The boundary of this fort is 5000 ft in length. The fort has 28 watchtowers and two parallel boundary walls. The fort have some beautiful parts like Hadi Rani Mahal, Deepak Mahal, Bakhat Singh Palace, Akbari Mahal, Amar Singh Mahal, and Rani Mahal etc.. as well as there name specify there importance and used personality names. Fort have three main Gate for enterance.

1.) Sireh Pole(Main Enterence Gate) : Outermost gate of Fort

2.) Beech Ka Pole(Middle Gate): Second gate of Enterence in Fort

2.) Kacheri Pole(Court Gate): Judiciary house for People



    There are also two ancient temples of God Ganesha Temple and God Krishna Temple. Both temples are wel designed and decorated by ancient hands paintings. Here also oraginsed fair for Ganesha Temple at Ganesh Chaturthi in every year.

    The famous warrior and Gawalior King Amar Singh Rathor is built inside the boundaryof Nagaur Fort. Shahjahan was highly impressed by the bravery of Amar Singh. There is a historical incident about Amar singh. Once, when Salawat Khan, a commander of Shahjahan, referred him as idiot(ganwar) he chased and killed Salawat Khan in presence of Shahjahan.Later on this fort came under the occupation of Bakhat singh. He defeated a large Kachwaha army of Sawai Jaisingh with a small mumber of soldiers in the battle of Ganwana. In ancient period this place being full of Jungles was called as Jangal Desh or Jangal Pradesh. In ancient rock ediets and literary books, it has been reffered as Nag Durg, Nagur, Nagpur, Nagana and Ahhichatrapur.Nagaur fort also comes in Desert Fort.

  • In ancient, Mahabharat has a reference of Ahhichatrapur fort which was under the occupation of Panchal ruler Dhrupad. This place was captured by Arjun, who handed it over to Dronacharya. According to legend it was ruled by Kshatriyas of Nag Dynasty, who were dereated by Parmars. Chauhans had also ruled over this area. It was capital of Chauhan ruler. Kaimas, who was a Samant of King Someshwar, termed this land as land of warriors, when he saw a sheep fighting bravely with a hyena. In 1154, Kaimas laid the foundation of this fort.

  • For some time, it remained under Mughals also. Rana Kumbha of Mewar invaded the fort. Mujahid Khan, who was the then ruler fled. Maharana put Shams Khan, brother of Mujahid Khan as the ruler, But he betrayed Maharana, by chalenging him with the help of Qutubuddin Aibak. Maharana again invaded Nagaur adn captured the fort after ousting both of them. After the death of Kumbha, Muslims again came to occupy the fort. After the occupation of Shershah Suri, it came under the rule of Akbar, who stayed here for two month in 1570. Akbar first gave this fort to Kachwaha Madhosing, later on he handed over the fort to Raisingh of Bikaner.

Nagaur Khimsar Fort

This magnificent fort is literally off the beaten track. Set in the midst of sand dunes, this amazing fort stands as securely as it did over many centuries of battle and strife. The construction of the fort was begun in 1523 by Rao Karamsji, 8th son of the founder of Jodhpur Rao Jodha, who chose the spot of Khimsar, 90 km from Jodhpur where one brother resided and 150 km away from Bikaner, fiefdom of another brother.

It was for good cause that it was awarded the 'Grand Heritage Award for Excellence' by the Tourism Board of the Government of India.



  • Nagaur Kuchaman Fort

    Nagaur Kuchaman City is a city and a municipality in Nagaur district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The city includes a few Havelis in the Shekhawati style and a fort overlooking the city. The fort is about 1100 years old and was built in the 9th century, by the Rathore ruler, Zalim Singh. One can also find fresco painting here on variable subjects such as flowers, motifs, and Hindu Mythology.


    In 950, the Chauhans of Ajmer drove out the Gurjar Pratihars to open a new chapter in the history of Kuchaman Fort. In the following centuries, the Gaurs won and controlled the fort until they surrendered it to the Rathores. Being Suryavanshi Kshatriyas, who trace their lineage back to Lord Rama, the hero of the epic Ramayana, the Rathores brought to the fort their long view. In 470 AD with Nayal Pals conquest of Kanauj, near modern Kanpur in U.P.